I am 25 years old and from Ashdod. As a professional chef, and I studied culinary at Ha’Chef College.

Today I work at a coffee shop located in a gym in Ashdod. Youth from our congregation work at the coffee shop, and we use this as an opportunity to spread the Gospel.

I grew up in a traditional Jewish family that keeps Jewish customs and traditions. My entire life I was taught that the name of Yeshua was “Yeshu,” (meaning, ‘may His name and the remembrance of Him be blotted out’). I was told he was a god of the ‘goyim,’ the nations/gentiles, and not of the Jews, and that it is vehemently forbidden for the Jews to believe in Him or even to speak about Him in a good way because that would be idolatry.

My brother shared the Gospel with me after his baby son was miraculously healed from a fungus that could have taken his life.

When I became a believer, I worked at a prestigious Sushi restaurant. I was the head Chef and worked long hours every day. I had no time to serve the Lord and devote my life to Him, so I started to pray asking Him for help.

After a number of weeks a friend, a businessman I knew from my past, came and offered me a 50/50 partnership in a coffee shop, without me having to invest even one cent. At that moment, I knew this was unusual and that it must be from the Lord. I accepted the offer, and became an equal co-owner of a business.

However, after some time I noticed that my partner hid profits from the authorities, made deals under the table and stole from the State. I remembered the scripture where Yeshua said, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” My partner’s behavior really bothered me, yet, discerning this business was from the Lord, I began to pray for God’s help.

God answered me quickly, and after a week, my partner offered to sell me his half of the business for 100,000NIS ($28,000). (I remind you that I received my 50% of the business free!) I did not have this huge sum.

I prayed a second time, and again the answer came fast. My partner offered me to pay half of the sum immediately, and the remaining part in monthly installments, but this still was too expensive for me. I prayed for the third time and God answered me; my partner said he could sell me his part of the business if I paid him 8,000NIS ($2,300) each month. According to my calculations, this would not be profitable, but I knew God gave me this opportunity with a purpose and a plan, so I agreed to this proposal, trusting He will bless me…

With the help of IstandwithIsrael, I was able to pay the debt I accumulated during that time, and it really gave me breathing room and enabled me to keep going. I’m sure God sent you my way.

I know that in addition of being a source of income for me, this business is a place of blessing for the youth from our congregation, who enjoy working at the coffee shop. Moreover, we all share the Gospel and serve the people of Israel through this business. Now my mother has become a believer too.

We thank all the donors from around the world, whose desire it is to help others. All my employees and I appreciate your help and praise God there is such an organization. I thank Yeshua for you!”