My family made aliyah from Ukraine in 2001, when I was thirteen years old. My husband, Leonid, made aliyah from Russia when he was ten years old. We both come from believing families and have been serving God since we were children.

Leonid is a fitness coach, specializing in CrossFit. We met about three years ago at the gym and married about a year later.

I have always wanted to work within the health care system, with a goal of earning a degree in management. I started my B.A. studies in Healthcare Systems Management in 2014. This is my third year of studies. Once completed, I’ll be able to work in management positions at any clinic or hospital.

While studying I also worked at a credit company until the dramatic, premature birth of our baby in November 2017. My pregnancy was perfect and seamless until suddenly one evening I was rushed to a hospital, and the baby was born by caesarean section in critical condition. Our baby was kept in the children’s emergency ward for six weeks.

Naturally, from this point forward I was unable to continue my studies or to work. Now we are so thankful to our Messiah that the baby’s health has stabilized, and life is back to normal.

I have started the third and last year of my B.A. studies, which will be completed next summer. Your help for a scholarship will allow me to finish my education and be a fruitful member of the Messianic believers here in Israel.