I want to thank you for the gift of NIS 5,000 enabling me to attend my second year of university. It is clear to me that God has used you to open this door for me, and make it possible for me to study yet another year. This year, part of my curriculum includes studying the books of the Bible: Jeremiah, Samuel, Song of Solomon and Hosea [from an Orthodox point of view]. As I also am studying the “History of the Jewish People,” I chose the period of the Bible and the Middle Ages. Through the lectures, God has clarified the fantastic picture that He himself created, which made it clear to me how He has always been there for the Jewish people. I am a 73-year-old widow who was born in Israel. As a result of several financial difficulties in my life, I found myself left without any savings. Until recently I didn’t realize that I had any problems with my hearing, but since many friends and relatives told me that I have a tendency to shout when I speak, I went to the doctor for several tests. These tests showed that I was, indeed, in need of a hearing aid, which I found out would cost NIS 18,000. Knowing that I would be unable to afford such a device, I turned to my congregation for help, and I was able to get the financial help needed through the donations of istandwithisrael.com. There are simply not enough words to express my gratitude for this tremendous help that I received when I was truly in need. I thank you, and bless God every day for the help of those who desire to bless the body of Israeli believers who are needy in the land.