We are new immigrants from the Ukraine, with a 4-year-old daughter, Moriel.

My name is Rustam, and I am 33. I first heard about Yeshua at 18. I met an acquaintance, who I knew was a drug addict and a criminal, and he told me about the Lord Yeshua who changed his life.

At that point I had been a drug addict for seven years.

This acquaintance took me to a rehabilitation center where I was set free from drugs.

I had several failures in my life, but I always knew I could only get help from the Lord. Today I have been drug-free for eight years. God gave me a family—a wife I love and a wonderful daughter. Four-and-a-half years ago God brought us to Israel.

When we arrived, we immediately joined Beit Hallel congregation in Ashdod. We started serving and today continue volunteering there. We have been renting an apartment, and dreaming of our own. Rentals are so high in Israel, but to buy even a very small apartment is extremely expensive.

So we prayed and waited for a miracle from the Lord. In April 2016, our friends told us about a special government lottery project in Israel of lower apartment prices for families who do not have a home yet. We entered our name to win a special-priced apartment, which would be 20-30% lower than market price, and require only 10% down payment. After two months, we received a letter informing us that we won the opportunity to purchase an apartment in the town of Rosh Ha’Ayin!  The Lord Yeshua gave us this opportunity that we could only have dreamed of before! All that was left was to pay the initial down payment of 10%—which we did not have. Both of us work regular jobs and receive minimum wage. It was very difficult for us to get this sum in a short period of time, and we knew we could lose our chance to purchase an apartment in Israel.

People at the congregation told us about IstandwithIsrael, and that we could apply for help. Through the congregation, we immediately applied for assistance and soon received a financial miracle! This was a blessing! Thanks to your help, we were able to pay the initial down payment and sign the purchasing contract!!!

We thank God for IstandwithIsrael and for the hearts of the people whom God has moved to donate and help Messianic Jews in Israel.