Congregation Tiferet Yeshua in Tel Aviv,

I want to thank you and the fund from the bottom of my heart as I have been helped so generously. A few years ago, I began to suffer from pain in my knees and other joints. In addition, I also suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure. Last year, I had no alternative but to go through a knee replacement operation. The plan was to start on my right knee and, after a period of rehabilitation, to continue on the left. The operation was not very successful and the rehabilitation was long, difficult and very painful. I was given many heavy-duty drugs (such as morphine) to try and ease the pain. In order to obtain proper rehabilitation, it was recommended that I travel to Italy for an additional period of treatment as well as a detoxification program in order to rid my system of the poison caused by the drugs I had to take. This lengthy treatment went on for a period of two months. In addition to the great amount of time I was out of commission, the entire procedure, including operation and both rehabs came to a total of NIS 75,000 ($17,500). Naturally, I was unable to work after the operation. ISWI agreed to cover a third of the operation cost (NIS 25,000/ $5800) for which I am truly grateful.