We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the generous financial gift you sent us! Your support came at a time when we needed it most. We needed some help in order to be able to take a mortgage from the bank and purchase an apartment,  before we would lose our rights as new immigrants in Israel. By buying the apartment God allowed us to set roots in Israel, raise and bring our children up as a strong part of the society here and in Biblical values. By moving to the new town, we will be able to join the people who are already claiming the land promised by God. Your help came at a critical moment for us when we had to come up with a certain amount, so the bank would agree to give us a mortgage, and your gift will also help us meet the higher expenses we will face in the few months of the transition period before moving to the new apartment when we will have to pay both rent at the old place, and the monthly payments on the mortgage at the same time. Your gift is an answer to prayer and only comes to show us that God is in control and has His ways to bless all of His followers. Your gift strengthened our faith, and also strengthened our family, as a confirmation that we are making the right decision to buy a home — taking a big and important step for every family.