My name is Natali and I am 17 years old. I study at a school in an intensified course that combines advanced scientific studies; five units of chemistry, physics, mathematics and English. Together with that I also participate in various scientific programs that are even the very first in their field. The school fee is higher because of the special academic program and the various projects, but thanks to you I was able to cover my last tuition fee in this school. Together with my studies I am also taking a pre-university course, for which I was able to pay, only because of your generosity. After my studies I will serve in the IDF, like all Israelis and contribute to my country for all that she has done for me. My dream is to study at the Technion, which is the highest academic institution in Israel for scientific and technical studies, something that is possible only because of my high academic achievements and grades at the preuniversity course. ISTANDWITHISRAEL made it possible for me to achieve this level. We pray and praise the Lord every day for using you as vessels in helping us and making things easier for us. Your help reached us like a miracle during a difficult time, when we didn’t know what to do. God reached out His helping hand through you.