I was born in the Communist island of Cuba in 1975, to a family of Sephardic ancestry. Raised in a secular environment, I was taught early that God was the ‘opium of the people.’

Nevertheless, through the years, I ‘somehow’ earnestly searched for the truth about God and answers to the many existential questions I had. No one could truly answer.

After a long struggle for freedom from Communism, in 1995 I immigrated to the United States.[…]

When I was 21, and while going to college in Orlando, Florida, a young evangelist exposed me to the simple and powerful truths of the Gospel. He had the answers I was desperately searching for. Yeshua was the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE I had yearned for! I was completely transformed by the love of my Savior and the knowledge of the God of my forefathers. Some years later, God called me to immigrate to Israel as fulfillment of the prophecies of old. So I did in 2003, and to my surprise, besides falling in love with Israel instantaneously, within the first month I also fell in love with a local Sabra (Israeli-born) believer I met while doing volunteer work.

My wife Rinat was born in Israel in 1982, to a family of young immigrants who came to faith in Yeshua at a Kibbutz just a few years earlier. She was raised knowing her God and Messiah and from a young age decided to follow Him. I met her when she was finishing her IDF service, and after 2 years of praying and seeking God’s will, we married. We have now been blessed with 3 young boys, Amichai, Asael and Refael. Today I work as a Mechanical Engineer and Rinat is a certified tour guide.

A few years ago we started building a house with the savings we had, together with some family help and the bank loans we were able to receive. We had no idea how expensive and difficult this was going to be. Close to the end of the building process we ran out of funds and the little we had left, we lost to a local window manufacturing company that went bankrupt.

We suddenly found ourselves with an unfinished house, no money left to complete the construction, large monthly loan payments, and rent. Our only hope was that God, who placed us on this path, would somehow provide. We kept the faith, worked hard and waited for His miracle.

This is when we heard we would receive help from IstandwithIsrael. The news came as rain from Heaven at the right time! With the funds you provided and extra help from the family, we were able to order new doors and windows and complete many of the things we needed for the house.

We believe your ministry, and those who support it, are helping the Body of Messiah in the Land, as instructed by the words of our Lord and the Apostles.

We thank you for your willingness to give. May the God of our forefathers richly bless you for your love and generosity.”