Little Hearts Preschool is in the heart of Jerusalem, a unique and diverse city that is home to many nationalities and cultures. The 62 children who attend our preschool reflect this diversity. Here, within the walls of our preschool, we work, play, and learn together based on our mutual faith in Yeshua. We use a Montessori-inspired curriculum that sets the tone of our preschool as a creative, curious, calm, and peaceful environment.

Our staff is a wonderful blend of Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian teachers working together to provide a […] multilingual, quality education, as we foster an environment of unity.

Using the Montessori curriculum, our goal is to cultivate a community within this school of peaceful co-existence among teachers, students, and families who would otherwise never have the opportunity to interact with each other on any level. And here, they not only interact, they learn to love and respect each other!

We hope this year to train our five teachers and one administrator in the Montessori method to provide a setting that embodies principles mirroring our faith and mission. It would be an amazing help to our preschool to have teachers who are professionally trained to teach in an excellent way to serve God and our local community!