Dear friends and family,

2017 was filled with changes! From graduating from high school in Jerusalem, to attending Christ For the Nations Institute (CFNI) Bible College in Dallas (THANK YOU, IstandwithIsrael, for making it possible!); from living at home to stepping out and living on campus; and learning to discern the voice of God for His destiny for my life. During the last semester at CFNI my Heavenly Father did so graciously reveal himself in ways unimaginable, and lovingly tended to my heart to prepare me for the upcoming season, where I will be in the Israeli Defense Force (the IDF).

My service involves an Arabic-speaking job in Intelligence which requires a 6-month intensive Arabic course. I am so thankful I have been able to fully use my short time before the army to strengthen spiritual foundations and deepen my relationship with Christ.  I know many believers in Israel have struggled during their IDF service, and some have fallen away from the faith because of spiritual dryness, bad influences, and the difficulties they encounter.  I have faith that this can (and will) be a season not only of walking strong and growing in my own walk with the Lord, but also of bringing light and truth to many people!  The army provides a unique opportunity for believers to speak out for His name, and let the light shine, not only in word but in the lifestyle, as we live so closely with other soldiers.

Please pray that I will boldly speak God’s word while in the army, that nothing would hinder me from doing the best job possible, that I will complete the course successfully, there will be opportunity for me to serve in whatever capacity God ordains, and my relationships with other believing Israeli friends will be revived and deepened.

Thank you for your prayers!  May this new year be a year of overflowing fruits of righteousness for all God’s people, to His own glory and praise!