We want to thank you so much for your help in financing Juventus’ studies. It had been on his heart to study this course for a while. He started studying and soon was convinced that his was exactly what God wanted him to do. The materials that he studies will help him to become more effective in his ministry, and we believe the certificate that he will receive at the end of the course will open doors to people from various backgrounds, including people in the business world. Your donation has enabled him to move on to a more professional level in relating to people and coaching them in their decisions in life. It has blessed us as a family, as we see him following his calling and the desire of his heart. We believe that it is very important for us as Messianic believers to advance into the professional world, and your part in helping us has been vital for us to take our own steps towards this direction. May the Lord bless you and continue using you to place His people in positions that He destined for them to fill.