Pastor for A.K. at “River of God” Lebanese congregation in Nahariya, Israel in Nahariya, Israel,

Thank you on behalf of brother A.K. and his entire family for extending the arm of help to cover their debt at the bank through the funds of What makes the whole issue very significant is that this Arab Christian family was amazed to know that their rescue came from a Messianic organization such as Maoz and Words fail to describe the joy that filled their hearts and their home as I handed over your check to them. Shouts of praise went up to our Messiah Yeshua from their joyful hearts. Time after time, you prove that your love and concern for the Arab body of Messiah in Israel is not only by words but by deeds and by the Spirit and truth. May the Lord richly reward you for blessing the Arab body of Messiah in the land of Israel.