From its creation, the mission of istandwithisrael.com has been to assist Israeli believers —Messianic Jews and Arab Christians—in various aspects of their lives—from education to healthcare and financial aid.

Our vision is that when we provide such help to raise the standard of living of believers in Messiah Yeshua, their lives will be living testimonies of the goodness of the God of Israel and the Messiah of Israel even to non-believers, drawing them to a desire to know God. ISWI helps believers start businesses, pay for medical treatments and equipment, pay off loans, debts and day-to-day bills, finance university studies for young people and Hebrew language courses for new immigrants, music lessons for young children and so much more.


Education is a passion of ours at ISWI. We feel that educating a new immigrant in how to speak and read Hebrew or helping a Messianic Jewish or Arab Christian young person go to college—is key to getting their life in Israel on the right track. With your help, we can help more!


On December 24, 2011, Pastor Umar Mulinde was attacked with acid, by radical Islamists, at his church in Uganda. He was targeted for converting from Islam, for leading other Muslims to Christianity and for being an outspoken supporter of the nation of Israel. Pastor Umar received free medical treatment in Israel and is now sharing his incredible testimony of God’s miraculous provision for him and his family. Maoz Israel Ministries, thanks to the generosity of ISWI donors, was honored to assist Pastor Umar and his family, financially, as well as with a place to live, during their stay in Israel.


God is strategically building congregations and organizations throughout Israel with the goal of glorifying Himself. ISWI is proud to bless these ministries and to encourage their leaders as we co-labor together. It is the heart of ISWI to see unity in the body of Messiah in Israel and to work together so that all Israel shall be saved!


ISWI is assisting Israeli believers—Messianic Jews and Arab Christians—in various aspects of their lives including their finances. We help them start businesses, purchase vehicles, put down roots in Israel, pay off loans, debts and day-to-day bills—in order to raise their standard of living so they can be a living testimony of God’s goodness.


Assistance with medical and dental conditions is another way in which ISWI works to bless Israeli believers.  By helping to pay for procedures, services, or equipment they could not otherwise afford, we seek to show the practical love of Yeshua.


Persecution is on the rise. As the number of Israelis turning to their Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) increases, the need for legal aid has also escalated. Messianic believers in Israel have been severely persecuted, mainly by ultra-orthodox organizations whose acts of violence and legal harassment in the last few years are meant to intimidate and suppress the free practice of faith in Yeshua the Messiah. Maoz has been involved in helping persecuted believers in Israel since our establishment.


About twenty percent of Israel’s population is Arab. A tiny minority of them are born-again, Spirit-filled believers in Messiah Yeshua, who love the God of Israel and the people of Israel. On a monthly basis, we support five Arab Christian ministries who are spreading the Gospel among Muslims, bringing the light of Yeshua to children of Abraham through Ishmael’s lineage—in Israel and in the West Bank.


Is there any more powerful tool on earth to move people’s hearts and minds than music? We at ISWI have felt a deep desire to help the believing children in Messianic Jewish congregations have the privilege of studying music from an early age. We want to see Israel’s congregations filled with music-makers and worshipers. After launching a pilot program sponsoring children from four congregations in the greater Tel Aviv area, in 2015 we opened the program to children from all across Israel. Music-Making For Kids currently grants scholarships of up to 90% of the cost of music lessons to 23 children as young as six years old who are studying music in nationally accredited schools. Twice a year children demonstrate their progress in special mid-term and year-end recitals.


Supporting the Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian youth is very important to us at ISWI. We are happy to help the youth organizations that exist in Israel by being co-funders of different events such as summer camps and conferences. This gives our youth the chance to be together with other believers their age, to worship God together and to grow in their faith. Most of them do not even have one fellow believer in their class, so this time of fellowship is very important to them.


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