I want to thank you for the amazing scholarship you have given me. This great amount of money is a seed for my studies towards a bachelor’s degree, about which I have been dreaming for years. I have never had the opportunity to get so much money to go towards an academic education. For years, I have prayed to God that somehow He would open the door for me to study. Because I only have a mother, and her financial situation is not that good, everything I had left to do was to pray to the Lord, that He would supernaturally bless me and that I can begin studying. These years of prayers were answered thanks to you and your great gift, so I really want to thank you for enabling me to begin my studies towards a degree. I’m sure that after several semesters, when this money runs out, God will continue providing for future semesters in a supernatural way. So, truly, a huge thank you to your amazing organization!