Congregation Mayim Chayim,

I want to testify to God’s grace! We were in a very difficult financial situation, and every month our problems compounded into yet more problems. Pretty soon, we found ourselves in a state of desperation and we knew it would take a miracle to pull ourselves out of this situation. We prayed that the Lord would deliver us, as we were trying to live and do everything according to the scriptures, but at the same time, we asked God to show us if we were doing anything wrong that would cause this situation. During the time I collected unemployment, I had been offered to work “under the table” and it was very tempting, but even though I knew it would help financially, I could not do it, knowing that it would not be right in God’s eyes. Around this time, I found employment and began to work 18 hours a day to try to support my family. It was during this period that God spoke to us about a grudge we had been holding against the individual that we felt was responsible for our financial problems. He clearly told us that we had to forgive this person in our hearts, and that we also had to ask for his forgiveness for all our anger towards him. On that same day, after having talked to this man, we both felt that something great had happened and that now something good was going to come our way. Two weeks passed, but nothing happened. In fact, our problems got worse, but we were at peace as we were no longer carrying all that anger. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was when just a couple of weeks later, we got a call from our congregational leader that a check had arrived from ISWI in my name with the amount of 6000 shekels written on it. We were so happy and full of praise. It was my birthday, and God had given us such a wonderful gift. The money we received arrived at exactly the right time, and if we hadn’t received it, we would not have had enough to pay our mortgage, bills, food, etc. We thank you so much for your help! God is great and we bless the name of Yeshua!