I work as a full-time security guard at a bank, and my wife works in the post office. I am 24 years old. We are actively involved in our congregation and help with ministry for kids and youth. We have a great interest in studying the Word of God and are investing time, energy, finances, and all possible resources to help the Body of Messiah in Israel grow and develop.

I want to study economic sciences, as I see a great need to help congregations with quality administration.

I was born into a family of believers, but during the army I strayed from God until my last year, when I began to take my relationship with God seriously. I started dating Mira, whom I had known in the army, and invited her to visit our Friday services at “Light of the World” Congregation. Mira had many questions, and my pastor devoted much time to answering them. By the grace of God, Mira came to faith, and from that moment she became a devoted disciple of our Lord and Messiah Yeshua. We have been married just over a year.