I want to thank you for your gift to me. Since my childhood in Moldova, I have had a fear of dentists and, therefore, did not go for regular dental care. My wife and I are musicians, and lately we have been working on a new musical program in order to bless Israel and also the nations. At this time, my teeth really began to trouble me and it was clear that I could not go on performing — singing and playing wind instruments with teeth like mine. Praise God that He finally broke my fear of going to the dentist. After my visit, I understood that the treatment I needed would be very expensive, and I didn’t have the funds to pay. I do not have enough words to express my thanks for your help. Because of it I do not suffer any more from pain in my teeth, and I can now, with God’s help, realize my dreams and go on with my musical program that will be for His glory. Thank you and thank God who gave you the opportunity to bless His children. May God bless you!