I gratefully received your donation of NIS 7,000 today. Thank you for this precious gift! I am a single 50-year-old mom, and my third child, who is still living with me is 13. We came to Israel 9.5 years ago with my son and daughter. Life is full of challenges,  which we overcome with God’s help. The last two years have been especially trying with so many things going on that I found it increasingly difficult to cope. I was diagnosed with several ailments, my daughter was discovered to have several serious learning and other disabilities, and recently she was diagnosed with second degree scoliosis. Having to cope with all these was already a lot, but when I learned that I urgently needed two dental implants, I just did not know where I could get funds for this, too. Your wonderful gift enables me to have these implants. This is so very important because in dental treatment, everything is closely connected and absence of a necessary treatment leads to many other problems. Your gift is very timely and will cover most of the expenses for the implants. Thank you and everyone who contributes so very much!