Congregation Ahavat Yeshua in Jerusalem,

Dear Ari, Shira and Partners: We are still in shock from your completely unexpected grant! Your support, along with our congregation’s assistance, have provided everything we need to cover a full year of our daughters’ education and day care so that Leah can finish writing the first draft of her doctoral dissertation through the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, on Messianic Jewish Identity in Israel. Words cannot express how grateful we are for your decision. As you well know, we live on a shoestring budget in comparison with our professional western colleagues, because of our principled decision many years ago to live on the Israeli economy as our friends and neighbors do. But unlike them, our forthright testimony of faith in Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel, has cut off many sources of financial support that would gladly receive us if we would only compromise on our faith or principles. But we know that God is raising up a new generation of young Messianic Jewish professionals in Israel who will be able to not only independently support our local spiritual leadership, but will also join them in leading our people to faith in Yeshua and restoring our role as a light to the nations. Please receive our heartfelt gratitude and this meager attempt to express how you have strengthened our arms to pursue excellence without having to compromise the spiritual values that we need in order to hasten the restoration of our people and Land. As the prophet Jeremiah wrote, “Turn us, O Lord, and we will return. Renew our days as of old.”