I was born in the United States to an American mother and a Japanese father whose family immigrated to California five generations ago. My parents raised me in a family devoted to God and His Son.

While I was completing an M.A. in English education, my parents began to attend a Messianic Jewish congregation in Fresno and I went along. I went to work as an English teacher, praying that God would show me the direction for my life’s work. Through a series of events, I went to Israel to seek the Lord about my future.

I met Shani, a Sabra, who was working as the CFO of the ministry, Revive, and fell in love with her almost immediately. Through Shani, God showed me I was to give my life to her, and to her people—the people of Israel.

After two years, I became fluent in Hebrew and was leading worship teams on my own. I began writing worship songs in Hebrew and sharing them with the community. Because of the consistent need for sound technicians, I had many opportunities to practice and grow in my skills. My love for music (worship music in particular), and sound engineering grew to the point where I knew it was time for me to study to become a professional sound technician, so I could be a source of even greater support, and a resource for the growing body of believing musicians in Israel—Jews, Arabs, and Christians alike.

I have decided to make it my life’s work to raise the level of professionalism of Israeli believers in Israel as a testimony to the country, both in the body of believers and in the secular marketplace. I also hope to be an example for a new generation of musicians and aspiring sound technicians dedicated to using their gifts to bring glory to Yeshua through both engineering and art.

I will be starting my second and final year of sound school in Tel Aviv, taking classes five nights a week. I have already begun working only part-time to fit everything into my schedule. Finances are very tight, but we believe He is and has been leading us and will continue to be faithful to us as we respond to Him in faith.