Alla is married to Aleksey Reichshtadt and they have three children—Moriel, Roni and Tali.[…]

“I came to faith in early 1993.  I was always searching for God in my heart, and when I was twelve, I first met believers in Yeshua, who invited me to a service. Since then faith in Messiah has become the main part of my life. My mother began attending services together with me and she, too, gave her heart to Messiah. Six months later, my father became a believer. This was a great testimony for us, that God hears our prayers.

“In 1998, I married Aleksey, and we made aliya to Israel, where our children were born. Great difficulties began when our son Roni was born. During my pregnancy, I was diagnosed with CMV [a type of a viral infection]. The doctors gave us an awful prognosis, strongly recommending I abort the baby. Of course, we declined the offer. Today our son is 10; he cannot walk or speak and needs around-the-clock care. This is why I can only work part-time.

“A year ago, God put it on my heart to study interior design. This was after a lengthy search and many prayers regarding the sphere where I can utilize my gifts, serve God and also make a living. IstandwithIsrael helped me pay for my studies.

“I am grateful for your investment in the life of my family. With your help, I can realize my dream, and be a blessing to my family and many others.

“Thank you for your open hearts.”