Adina is an Ethiopian woman in her thirties, a single mother of four living in an Ethiopian neighborhood in Netanya. Until three years ago she was married to a man she married when she was very young. Although he is an alcoholic and a gambler, she stayed with him until he became abusive, and she feared for the safety of her children and herself. The last months with him were very difficult and one very traumatic episode caused the neighbors to call the police, which ultimately resulted in his arrest and their divorce. Today she has a restraining order and he cannot even enter the city where they live.

Adina was not a believer throughout all this and knew almost nothing about Yeshua. But a figure began to appear in her dreams when she was going through those last months of her marriage. Her daughter’s kindergarten teacher was a believer who introduced her to an Ethiopian congregation in Netanya, where she learned the identity of the Man who appeared to her, and she received Yeshua as her Savior.

Adina had two major financial problems; first, because of her ex-husband’s gambling, she was left with part of the debt and is paying it back on a monthly basis. Second, even though she is an extremely hard worker and is working more than full-time (3 part-time jobs) it is still very hard for her to cover the expenses for the household.

Through IstandwithIsrael, a financial counselor has been working with her for a few months, and she is highly motivated to learn to manage her finances and to be responsible before God. Although she has no higher education she is very intelligent and a fast learner. She is aware of her situation but still she trusts God and believes that He will provide for her and her children.

She is very grateful for the help she received from IstandwithIsrael which helped her to pay back part of her debts. She said that the whole process has given her security in assessing her financial reality and how she can make wise choices managing her available funds.

Pray she will continue this amazing journey, that she will soon find herself debt free and maybe even able to save something for the future of her children.