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Little Hearts Preschool

Little Hearts Preschool is in the heart of Jerusalem, a unique and diverse city that is home to many nationalities and cultures. The 62 children who attend our preschool reflect this diversity. Here, within the walls of our preschool, we work, play, and learn together based on our mutual faith in Yeshua. We use a Montessori-inspired curriculum that sets the tone of our preschool as a creative, curious, calm, and peaceful environment. Our staff is a wonderful blend of Messianic Jewish and Arab Christian teachers working together to provide a […] […]

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I was born in the United States to an American mother and a Japanese father whose family immigrated to California five generations ago. My parents raised me in a family devoted to God and His Son. While I was completing an M.A. in English education, my parents began to attend a Messianic Jewish congregation in [...]

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My family made aliyah from Ukraine in 2001, when I was thirteen years old. My husband, Leonid, made aliyah from Russia when he was ten years old. We both come from believing families and have been serving God since we were children. Leonid is a fitness coach, specializing in CrossFit. We met about three years [...]

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I work as a full-time security guard at a bank, and my wife works in the post office. I am 24 years old. We are actively involved in our congregation and help with ministry for kids and youth. We have a great interest in studying the Word of God and are investing time, energy, finances, [...]

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I am 33 years old, a Sabra (native Israeli) Jewish believer in Yeshua. I came to faith in Yeshua back in 2009. Then, by the grace of God, I received a bachelor’s degree in Systematic Theology from Israel College of the Bible. As part of my ministry with One For Israel Ministries, I started writing [...]

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